A VPN Service Keeps Your Data Safe During Travelling

Since a large number of travelers can easily become a victim to cyber-attack, if they connect to public Wi-Fi networks available on airports. Hackers can steal your personal data like the credit card information. Public Wi-Fi networks are available almost everywhere, and hackers take them as one of the easiest way to acquire information about users.

Why Are Public Networks Not Safe?

Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, without any doubt you’ll need to access the internet while travelling. And so, you are most likely to use public or semipublicWi-Finetworks at the airports or hotels which makes you an easy prey to cyber-attacks.

If you connect to open networks that don’t ask you for your login details, you need to be very careful while entering sensitive information. Because many people would be using the same network at that moment. And chances are hackers might be waiting for you to enter any sensitive information and they make use of it. This happens because public networks are not secure and your existence in the network can easily be detected. Which makes it easier for hackers to access your information through a public network. Therefore, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while traveling is a good idea.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN (virtual Private Network) enables you to develop a local network through the Internet without its members being physically connected. The main purpose of a VPN is that it protects your privacy keeping you anonymous while browsing. A VPN provides:

  • Private and protected Internet access
  • Encrypts online data so that no communication can be grabbed from air waves.
  • Prevents stealing of personal data like credit card information, username, passwords, browser cookies etc.
  • Enables internet access to travelers the same way they would get in their own country.

 Why You Should Use A Vpn While Traveling?

Following are the reasons why you should use a VPN while traveling:

  • Safe And Secure

Since connecting to public networks makes you vulnerable to cyber-attacks, using a VPN encrypts all your data. Your encrypted data is useless to hackers as VPN lets you become anonymous while browsing the Internet.

  • Access Blocked Websites

Due to government censoring, websites like Facebook and YouTube are blocked in some countries particularly in Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma. A VPN allows you to select a country where that website is available which then enables you to easily access the website.

  • Watch TV Abroad

Though many services like BBC, Starz Play or Hulu are available in specific countries, VPN enables you to set your home country as the end point and access all the services you would if you were at home.

  • Better Deals

Using a VPN service when making bookings from another county offers you better deals on flights and other travel activities. When determining the flight prices, the booking site’s algorithm takes your location into account and so it’s worth trying out some location options if you get a better deal.

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