When it comes to Security Camera Installation Jacksonville FL, and security on Android phones are the most secure. Or, at least they can be protected by applying some simple safety tips. You can safeguard your Android phone through some security settings and hacks which are discussed below:


The native security system in the Android phones is the Google Play Protect. Which is already installed in the smartphone, but it is never wrong to check again. The malware scanner created by Google is the basic step to protecting your Android Phone. The software checks the apps for any kind of viruses before downloading them to your phone. It also scans the apps that are already installed on your smartphone if they have gone awry or developed any kind of virus since the download. The Updates Tab in the, My Apps and Games section of the Play Store shows which of the apps have been scanned by Play Protect.


Another safety protection tool built by Google is the Find My Device software. The software allows you to track you smartphone in case of missing it. You can track the phone, ring it, lock it and even erase the device from far away. After installing the Find My Device app on your Android smartphone from Play Store, log into your Google Account and enable location so that the app can access it.  Once you have installed the app, you can always log onto the site of Find My Device and look for your phone and lock it whenever the device goes missing or lost to stealing.


If you are an Android user who connects their device to public Wi-Fi a lot, then this hack is for you. Because, you might know but it is so easy to steal your data when the device is connected to public Wi-Fi hotspot. The hack is to use a VPN service, which would keep your data secure. And when someone attempts to steal your data, it is protected through the VPN. The Google Play Store has a number of VPN providers. The installation is simple, you can always check user reviews and ranking before downloading. Moreover, NordVPN offers 7 day free trial to Android smartphone users.


The lockdown mode is the high protection Android phone security hack. When the lockdown mode is enabled, all the smart lock features like face and fingerprint recognition are blocked. This way, no one can force you to unlock the device using these features. Activate the lockdown mode, and not a single file of data from your smartphone can be accessed without your consent. The trick here is to enable the mode in time for it to work.


Some other tips and hacks to protect your Android Smartphone is to turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your phone when you are not using them. Doing this would not only save the battery life, but also keep your phone secure. Make sure you also close out any security camera apps that will also drain your battery.





Smart technology contributes a lot to make your life easier. With the help of your phone, you will be able to control and command the devices that you use in your daily life activity. Imagine how amazing it would be if your daily use appliances could connect to the internet, not just laptops, PCs but all every other device bulbs, heater, cameras, speakers, etc. With a help of a simple click or a voice command just like Apple’s Siri and Alexa that has built-in virtual assistance, you will be able to connect with the gadgets and to control command, and monitor from anywhere.

Here are a few of the appliance and best smart gear for your home. As recommended by Security Camera Installation Los Angeles CA


An AI9 smart bulb is an electronic item that works with Amazon Alexa and facilitates the user to control the settings through voice commands. It is a wireless WIFI enabled and no external hub is required and you set up this bulb anywhere you want in your home. With an extensive variety of warm and cool colors, choose the one among 16 million colors. The 75W bulb is bright enough to lighten up big spacious rooms.


The Polk audio command soundbar is yet another must-have gadget for a better lifestyle. It has built-in Alexa voice services and heard your requests easily. For an upgraded TV sound and cinematic audio effects, this device is a perfect option for the people who love to listen super loud. The wireless subwoofer promises a powerful bass and lets you enjoy movies, songs, and games with your friends. The devices feature 2 HDMI inputs and optical cables and is TV compatible for a 4K HDR viewing experience. For clear streaming of music the device features built-in Dolby and DTS surround sound and let you enjoy better understandability of the dialogue.   


This device helps in controlling your devices through your smartphone from anywhere, if you want to increase the temperature of your AC or you want you to maintain a warm environment of the room in a cold day, you can adjust your appliances by just asking Alexa. The plug needs no other hub for connection, all you should have is a WIFI. It can be controlled through an app on your phone and lets you turn on and off the devices through automatic scheduling.


This smart lock pro device is specifically designed for locking and unlocking of the doors. You can control the smart lock via an app. It is compatible with Amazon Home and Google Echo. It often happens when you leave your home you can’t exactly remember whether you have locked the doors or not, use this device to avoid such type of confusion. When you come back home from a long tiring day at work, it tracks the GPS location of yours and automatically unlocks the doors for you.



How Can Managed IT Services Add Value To Businesses?

With the advancement of technology, the Information Technology system has become more complicated and complex. It is an important part of every organization, as no business can grow if they do not adopt the latest technology and trends. But managing it has become difficult, especially for a small or mid-sized organization.

If you are not aware of the latest trends in technology, it can be costly for your business. To stay ahead of your competition, you must focus on what you do best. Therefore, if you do not specialize in IT systems, you should partner with Information Technology managed services team. This way, you can focus on what you do best, and the IT professionals will help grow your business.

What Is Managed Information Technology Service?

Managed Information Technology (IT) services allow a third-party, who excels in IT to provide services to businesses.

It is the responsibility of the managed IT service provider to keep a track of the latest technology and trends that will help their customers to grow and flourish. The business that hires the IT service providers pay a monthly fee for the services. The main idea behind hiring a third-party is to look after the IT-related issues and help maintain it.

Once you hire managed IT service providers, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about IT as it has been taken care of. This allows you to focus on what your business goals are and how you can implement new strategies.

Why Choose Managed It Service Providers?

If you are starting a new business, it will require more time and cost to hire and train the IT staff. To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, it is better to hire a team of IT experts who can deal with the issues and maintain the system. IT experts know the importance of security and how to deal with hackers. They understand it better and helps to keep your system secured and protected. When you have a professional look after the IT system, you can maximize the productivity of your employees. This helps to increase their efficiency and satisfaction level of the employees and also grow the business.

Signs That A Company Needs A Managed It Service Provider

Hiring an IT service provider can take away your burden of focusing on IT-related issues. When your business starts to grow, it becomes difficult for your staff to handle all the issues. If your company does not excel in IT, it is better to hire IT service providers so that your staff can focus on daily tasks.

It is important to keep the latest trends in technology in mind even if you have a limited budget because it helps your company to grow. The perfect solution for this is to hire an outsourced IT service provider. They are aware of the resources that can help your business to grow and know how to prevent IT-related issues.

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Should I Switch to VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a popular phone service that currently implemented across businesses and homes. In 2011, the revenue for VoIP services was up 16% to $58 billion, and the growth is expected to continue. While VoIP is a cost-effective means of phone communications, it might not always be the best choice when it comes to making a change.

Am I On VoIP?

Popular communication services like Vonage and MagicJack are some of the most apparent providers of VoIP services, but the migration and acceptance of VoIP providers have occurred across the board.

If you’ve signed up for phone services through your cable company, you can tell that VoIP by looking at your modem and identifying a phone line plugged in. If you use a dialing pad on your computer or must be connected to an Internet connection to make your call, you have a VoIP service.

What’s a Packet?

Think of a packet like a tweet. You have a limited amount of space (140 characters) to send at a time, so with a longer message, you have to send multiple tweets. To adequately communicate, all of the tweets must be received/read in order. A VoIP package is a small piece of your message that is broken out from your communications.

Why Do Packets Matter?

The proper delivery of these packets is essential to communicating with VoIP. When the packets aren’t delivered correctly, you get interference on your call like voices that cut in and out or sound like they are underwater. Some VoIP providers do a practice called “redundancy,” where they create duplicates of the same package to safeguard against lost pieces of the message.

Internet Speeds Matter

Your phone call is broken down into these packages and travel across the Internet transmission lines when the transmission speed is slow or clogged by other transmissions. It can affect the quality of your call. Imagine you have opened ten YouTube videos, and they are all loading at the same time, each new video that you are trying to load slows the time of the first one. It’s the same thing when your phone calls are traveling across data lines.

As you try to do more on the web while trying to make a call over VoIP, the lower the quality will be. When making a call using a VoIP provider, limit your internet activity to ensure that your line is dedicated to transmitting your call.

Is VoIP Bad?

The answer to this question is not a clear cut, yes or no. The best way to answer is to say that it really depends on what kind of VoIP system you are using. The major names in the phone industry (AT&T; Qwest) typically provide pretty reliable services, where the “plug into your computer” devices may cause more problems than the money worth in what you’re saving. We’ve provided an in-depth break down of what constitutes Good VoIP and Bad VoIP.

So should you switch to VoIP? The honest answer is that it really depends on who you are choosing as your service provider and what kind of speed you have with the Internet.

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A VPN Service Keeps Your Data Safe During Travelling

Since a large number of travelers can easily become a victim to cyber-attack, if they connect to public Wi-Fi networks available on airports. Hackers can steal your personal data like the credit card information. Public Wi-Fi networks are available almost everywhere, and hackers take them as one of the easiest way to acquire information about users.

Why Are Public Networks Not Safe?

Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, without any doubt you’ll need to access the internet while travelling. And so, you are most likely to use public or semipublicWi-Finetworks at the airports or hotels which makes you an easy prey to cyber-attacks.

If you connect to open networks that don’t ask you for your login details, you need to be very careful while entering sensitive information. Because many people would be using the same network at that moment. And chances are hackers might be waiting for you to enter any sensitive information and they make use of it. This happens because public networks are not secure and your existence in the network can easily be detected. Which makes it easier for hackers to access your information through a public network. Therefore, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while traveling is a good idea.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN (virtual Private Network) enables you to develop a local network through the Internet without its members being physically connected. The main purpose of a VPN is that it protects your privacy keeping you anonymous while browsing. A VPN provides:

  • Private and protected Internet access
  • Encrypts online data so that no communication can be grabbed from air waves.
  • Prevents stealing of personal data like credit card information, username, passwords, browser cookies etc.
  • Enables internet access to travelers the same way they would get in their own country.

 Why You Should Use A Vpn While Traveling?

Following are the reasons why you should use a VPN while traveling:

  • Safe And Secure

Since connecting to public networks makes you vulnerable to cyber-attacks, using a VPN encrypts all your data. Your encrypted data is useless to hackers as VPN lets you become anonymous while browsing the Internet.

  • Access Blocked Websites

Due to government censoring, websites like Facebook and YouTube are blocked in some countries particularly in Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma. A VPN allows you to select a country where that website is available which then enables you to easily access the website.

  • Watch TV Abroad

Though many services like BBC, Starz Play or Hulu are available in specific countries, VPN enables you to set your home country as the end point and access all the services you would if you were at home.

  • Better Deals

Using a VPN service when making bookings from another county offers you better deals on flights and other travel activities. When determining the flight prices, the booking site’s algorithm takes your location into account and so it’s worth trying out some location options if you get a better deal.

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